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Maximum Length for TRK and TRL
Here is an interesting question from Texas Hotshot O/O:   "I am starting up a HOT SHOT company and I will be having my trailers custom built, step deck style with a king pin for a 5th wheel hook up. What I need to know is what is the maximum length for a truck and trailer for the hot shots? I will be using a Dodge Dually Quad Cab 4x4 and the trailer I am having built is a 48' trailer 8' top deck and a 40' bottom."
I'm not an expert in this area but there is a California bridge law that I believe requires your trailer have a measurement from the kingpin to the rear axle of forty feet. If you are legal in California, you should be legal in all the other states because California has the toughest bridge law. I'm not aware of any particular overall length limits that you will need to worry about. If you had a straight flatbed truck pulling your trailer I think there is a 65' limit but even if this applied your setup would not exceed this length. Bill.D

Here is a response from a visitor:   "As I recall, the maximum overall length for a "truck" and trailer is 65 feet If your Dodge is set up as a "tractor"...i.e. it cannot carry cargo...then you're exempt from the 65' maximum. So if you have the factory bed on the truck or a flatbed and it is capable of carrying're going to be overlength."

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