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SPECIAL NOTE: If you have a Christmas Special Promo Code from The Trucker Newspaper for our loadboards, please start your subscription at where your promo code can be entered and courtesy access to, and will be included. If you need help, please call 239-603-6080.

As noted on our Home page,,, and are owned by The Internet Freight Terminal. Consequently, if you subscribe to this site, you will also have access to the Freight Terminal and Load Solutions sites.

The Hotshot Carrier subscription options and features are shown below:

Hotshot Basic Subscription - $14.95/month includes:
A 7 day FREE trial.
Member access to loads on the website.
Member access to loads on the website.
Member access to loads on the website.
Member access to loads on the website.
Free posting on the Freight Terminal and Load Solutions websites.
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Hotshot Premium Subscription - $19.95/month includes:
Includes all the features of our Basic Subscription and the 7 day free trial.

It also includes Premium Account access to our loadboard which has a giant database of all the manufacturers in America who have 40 or more employees. You can search this database by city and area. Search results include company name, address, product(s) and the number of employees, website links and more. This makes it easy to select and contact companies who are likely to have the kind of loads that are ideal for you and let them know you would like to provide a service to them.

If you want to expand your shipper base and grow your business, this can be an invaluable tool for you and give you a competitive advantage over Carriers and Brokers who have no idea how to find new shippers.
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