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Get Your Own Carrier Authority

What Is Required?

All new entrant Motor Carriers must submit an application package to obtain both a DOT Number and an MC Number.

After the initial application has been submitted, before the authority will be granted:
  • You must submit a Process Agent Filing. A process agent is a representative upon whom court papers may be served in any proceeding brought against a motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder.
  • Your insurance company must file proof of liability and cargo insurance.
How Much Insurance Is Required?

The FMCSA minimum requirement for insurance is for $750,000 of liability insurance. The requirement for cargo insurance was eliminated in the spring of 2012. However, from a practical standpoint, most shippers and brokers will require that you have $1,000,000 of liability insurance and $100,000 of cargo insurance before they will even consider using your services. We can recommend an insurance carrier for you if you don't know who to call.
How Fast Can I Get My Own Authority?

We will obtain your DOT and MC numbers immediately after we submit your application electronically and the authority is typically granted in 15 business days provided your insurance company has filed proof of the required liability insurance.
How Much Will It Cost?

We will file the necessary application forms for you electronically for only $448.00. This includes the non-refundable filing fee of $300. It also includes the necessary Process Agent Filing. It does not include the cost of the cargo and liability insurance that you must obtain.
Should I setup an LLC (Limited Liability Company)?

Setting up a corporation or an LLC is in an option you should seriously consider because it can protect you from personal liability if something bad happens. It is not expensive ($99 plus your state's filing fee). If you are planning on setting up an LLC for your business you can file for your authority at the same time the LLC is being formed.

If you decide to form an LLC company, we can help you determine if the name you want to use is available before you file for your authority. We can also answer questions you may have and we can also help you get your company formed and coordinate that with the filing for your authority. You are welcome to call us 7 days a week and we will be happy to answer your questions.
What else do I need?

You need to pay the UCR (Universal Carrier Registration) tax for the current year. This is a step many new carriers miss because it is not required to get their authority and they simply don't know about it. They usually find out the hard way by getting a $300 fine the first time they are stopped and checked.

We can typically handle this for you a day or two after we file for your motor carrier authority and your company is in the computer system. The cost is $143 for 1 or 2 trucks and $303 for 3 to 5 trucks. The cost increases in steps as your fleet size increases.
Additional information.

If your CGVWR (Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is over 26,000 pounds the drivers must have a Class A CDL. This, in turn, requires that they get setup with a consortium for random drug testing.

In addition, if your CVWR is over 26,000 pounds you must also obtain an IFTA license and fuel decals for your truck(s) for payment of your fuel taxes. An IRP Apportioned License Plate for your truck(s) is also required so your truck will be legally licensed in the various states.

Please check the "VITAL INFORMATION" tab on our navigation bar above for more information on various important subjects you need to be knowledgeable about if you are planning to get your own authority.
An added bonus.

When we help you to get your own authority, we want to help you to succeed so we will provide you with a FREE Premium Subscription for 1 YEAR to,, and Of particular interest is the shipper database on that you can use to find potential shippers in your home base area and any area you might go to on a regular basis.
Ready To Get Started?

Please take a few minutes and fill out the application form below. It gives us the basic information that is needed and eliminates the chance of spelling errors that can develop if we take the information over the phone.

Application for Motor Carrier Authority

Shown below is an application that will provide us with basic information that is needed to file for your authority.

After completing the form, please contact us at 239-603-6020 so we can review the information and get some additional information that is needed. We also need the credit card information when you are ready to have us file for your authority. If there is information requested below that you don't have, or, your are not sure of, just leave the field blank. We can get the information when you call us.

AUTHORITY: The cost to obtain your authority is $448. This includes a new DOT Number and MC number, the $300 filing fee, the BOC-3 and access to our 4 loadboards for one year FREE. Loadboards included FREE for one year when we help you obtain your authority include:

Hopefully these loadboards will help you to get started and help keep you busy.

UNIFIED CARRIER REGISTRATION: The day after we file for your authority, we can generally take care of the UCR registration for you if you want to get it out of the way. You can delay this filing until you are ready to start operating but it is important that you don't forget it as it is something enforcement officials always watch for.

EXPEDITED SERVICE: If you would like a copy of your license the morning it is issued, we can setup an expediting service to provide you with a PDF copy of your MC license the morning it is approved so you don't have to wait another 7 to 10 days for your license to arrive in the mail. The cost for this expedited service is $40.

Type of Authority:
UCR - (Unified Carrier Registration):
Expedited Service:
Your Name:
Your Phone Number:

Applicant 1: Name and Title
Applicant 2: (Optional)
Name and Title
Type of Business:
State of Incorporation If_Applicable: 
Business Name:
Business Phone:
Cell Phone:
Business Fax:


Street Address:
Zip Code:

Street Address:
Zip Code:

Number of Trucks Owned or Leased:
Number of Trailers Owned or Leased:
Combined GVWR:
How Many Drivers:
How Many will have CDL:

(For 1 Year Free Access to Our Loadboards)


NOTE: Please call Bill Dove at 239-603-6020 after you hit the send button. I need to review the information with you and obtain some additional information that is needed before we can file for your authority.


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